Man, Malamute and a Mountain. Self portrait of my dog and I during sunset in front of Mt Hood, Oregon. Check out more on my blog.

Milky way rising above Mt Hood, Oregon and the Muddy Fork glacial flow.

Crystal clear waters at Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Twilight on Mt Hood, Oregon from Bald Mountain

Abiqua Falls, Oregon after a couple weeks of below freezing temperatures. Check out more shots from that day at my website. 

Self portrait with my dog Duke at Abiqua Falls, Oregon after a couple of cold weeks. Check out more shots of the amazing Abiqua Falls 

Stars over Humbug Mountain State Park, Oregon. Check out more of my night shots.

Some of the fall colors along a stream off the trail to Bagby Hot Springs in the Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Oregon. I love spending time out in this area. It is so lush and peaceful with lots of trails to explore. It is about a 70 minute drive from Portland, but it is definitely worth the trek. 

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A titanium nail is heated up with a torch before “dabbing” BHO oil on it and smoking. BHO oil is a strong concentrated extract made from Cannabis 

Check out more of my images from my photo project, Chronic, on medical marijuana patients and their gardens. 

Stars above the blast zone of Mt St Helens, WA. Check out more of my night images at my website